Sporty, dynamic and stylish are all characteristics that describe Vespa. Now with Electronic Fuel Injection across most of the range (except 50cc models), Vespa continues to refine the pleasure of commuting in style. From the compact LX and S series models in sizes from 50cc to 150cc, to the Sporty GTS300 Super, there is a model that suits everyone’s corner of the universe. Design and technology have been carefully considered to emphasise the spirit of Vespa, and the design retains the values of the classic original whilst combining technology that is right upto date.

Born on the streets of Rome and now at home on streets throughout Australia, a Vespa is the smart way to get about with ease. Laugh at the petrol pump, chuckle at traffic congestion and park without stress while immersing yourself and your lifestyle in an Italian love affair that has endured since 1946. NT Motorcycle Centre Darwin has experienced Vespa Staff that are ready to help you with any of your Vespa motorcycling desires. 

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Scooter Models Available

GTS 150 ie 3V

GTS 150 provides inner city commuters the best of two worlds. The comfort and space of the GT range and the cost savings of the 150 Primavera…read more


GTS 250

If there is one Vespa that epitomises this need then the GTS 250 fits the bill. The fuel efficient 250cc EFI motor is the perfect platform…read more


GTS 300 Super

One look at the 300 Super says it all; superior performance, clean lines and uncluttered instrumentation. This trim Italian built champion carries no excess weight and…read more


GTS300 Super Sport

With the GTS 300 SS, the Super Sport name again graces the most powerful Vespa in the lineup and while subtle in appearance with its ‘no…read more


GTV 300 IE “Vie Della Moda”

The “Vie della Moda” badge, inspired by the most famous street signs in the world’s glamour capitals, identifies the most elegant Vespa of all…read more


LX50 2T

Only Vespa can provide a 50cc scooter with great performance and economy in a classic look all-steel body. There’s never been a better time…read more


Primavera 125

The new Primavera, Italian for the season ‘Spring”, provides a fresh, new look of the future for the famous Vespa brand. The Primavera name is…read more


Primavera 150

The new Primavera, Italian for the season ‘Spring”, provides a fresh, new look of the future for the famous Vespa brand. The Primavera name is…read more


PX 150

The venerable classic is back. The PX150 is a study in how to take a take a much loved classic for more than 30 years, and…read more


Sprint 150 ie 3V

The brand new Sprint is the most sporty and dynamic Vespa "small body" available. It's name recalls concepts which are intimately tied to the sporty…read more


Vespa 946

Unique as the year in which it was born, 2013. The essentiality of the design endows even the most impersonal function with style and individuality.The…read more


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